I have spent the last fifteen minutes typing and backspacing. I just don’t know how to begin to express my thoughts today. Recent scripture reading and sermons have prompted me to think about our culture, and it has left me feeling burdened. I’m burdened mostly by the sad fact that so many people in this world do not know the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ. A love so strong that it broke the barrier of sin, allowing all who are willing to be in relationship with Our Lord. A love that provided for all mankind an escape from death. I’m burdened that instead of showing this very same love to others, we so often show hatred instead. I’m burdened that culture has shaped our ways of thinking so much so that they are becoming less Godly and more worldly without us even knowing.

My burdens originated from the topic of homosexuality, a hot topic now-a-days. Homosexuality is clearly in opposition to God’s Word, yet culture does a good job at making it okay. It is so easy to get sucked into culture, but we, as God’s people, were not created to follow cultural views. We were made in the image of Holy God; therefore, we too are meant to be holy, or set apart. Set apart from the world and its mainstream beliefs that are so often in opposition to God. Now, this does not mean that we are better than anyone else. We must remember that all people have something in common- we all sin. It means that we no longer belong to this world and have established our eternal homes in Heaven. Therefore, we don’t live by the world’s standards, but we aim to please God and live out His teachings.

We love grades, scales, and ranking systems in this society, so naturally we want to rank sin as well. We rank sins like murder and rape as much worse than lying or gossiping. Contrarily, God sees all sin the same. He has no ranking system. Sin is sin and all sin separates us from Our Eternal Father until we confess, seek His forgiveness, and repent. On that note, we must remember that God’s Word, not culture, is our outline for what is considered sin. So, going back to the topic of homosexuality, is it sin? Yes. Is a homosexual a worse sinner than an adulterer or a blasphemer? No. All sin is seen the same in God’s eyes and all sin is cleansed only by the blood of Jesus.

Culture tries to confuse us by legalizing gay marriage and promoting same-sex couples on TV and tabloids; however, like I said earlier, culture does not determine what is right in God’s eyes and the Bible teaches that God did not intend for same-sex couples. But homosexuality is not the only thing that culture tries to convince us is acceptable. Culture also tells us that divorce, pre-marital sex, abortion, and so much more are all okay. That is why it is so important that we hold tight to the Word of God and stay grounded in His truth.

Now comes the question, “What do we do?”. I’ve asked myself this question several times, and I’ve found that the answer is a very simple four letter word that is the basis of Christianity- love. Love is wanting the absolute best for another. If you are a Christian you know that God’s best is the absolute best. Therefore, you want more than anything for those you love to accept Christ as their Savior and have God’s best for their lives. Everyone who is in relationship with God got there only by the precious gift of His love and grace. God doesn’t draw people close to Him by pointing a finger at them and condemning them. He draws people close to Him by offering them love and forgiveness, by offering them a new life. We, likewise, should draw others to Christ by showing His love. Loving someone does not mean you have to approve of what they do or how they live, we should never condone sin. Rather, love is encouraging others to repent from their sins and showing them a new, better way of life, an eternal life in Christ. As Christians, we should not point our fingers at the sin we find in others and shake our heads because we have been there too. We should welcome sinners of all kinds and invite them to come to Jesus, and we should pray for their salvation. Most importantly, we should love them, even if they don’t agree with our views and even if they don’t love us back. Don’t close off that door. Show them that door. After all, some do not even know it exists.


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