I can remember running the Charleston Bridge Run on a miserable, slightly chilly, early morning. I don’t love running so why I signed up for the second time beats me. It was only 6.2 miles, but it seemed endless. To tell you the truth the only thing that kept me going was the reminder that free Krispy Kreme doughnuts were waiting on me at the finish line.

Sometimes life can feel like an endless, miserable race. Maybe you made a bad decision  and got yourself into a miserable circumstance (like me signing myself up for misery) or maybe you had no control over it. Regardless, life seems to be wearing down on you, and the finish line seems to just keep getting further and further away no matter how fast you run. It’s tempting to give up. However, when we are tempted to throw in our towels, we need to remind ourselves of the free Krispy Kreme doughnuts at the finish line- that is God’s promise of eternal life.

Turn to Hebrews 10: 35-39 and read this passage. Pay special attention to verse 36. Here we are told that we have need of endurance and then it goes on to explain why. So why? Why do we need to endure life’s difficulties? Why can’t we just throw in the towel? Because God called us to persevere through this life in order to enter into His Heavenly Gates when His Will for us on earth is finished. This passage tells us not to lose confidence in Christ and don’t shrink back when life is pressing in on you. Rather persevere with the hope of God’s promise of eternal life with Him constantly on our hearts and minds.

Giving up isn’t an option. When you feel like you can’t go anymore, reroute your thinking and remember that this world is not what you live for; it is not your home. God will carry you the rest of the way. Persevere through life’s challenges. Hope in the promises of God. Run the race that God willed for you and know that when you cross that finish line, you will be triumphant.


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