I can remember when I was younger thinking it was taking centuries for me to get old enough to drive. Then, it seemed like it took forever to get to senior year. Once I was there, the years flew by at 100 mph. I graduated high school and then college the next day it felt like. And life hasn’t slowed down since. If anything time seems to be going by faster and faster.

The past couple of days I’ve been thinking about time and it fleeting away. We all know that we aren’t promised tomorrow. God gives and God takes away. He may give us today but take us tomorrow. Only He knows when our time will come. We know this, yet we often don’t think about it in our daily decisions and dealings with others. We hold grudges and say things to each other intending to cause pain. We make decisions that separate us from family and friends. We harbor hate and resentment. We think, “I’ll change my ways when I get older” or “I’ll give my life to God when I get older”. ┬áBut what if you never get the chance to get older? What if a family member or friend dies and you never get to restore that relationship that was severed over something that now seems so senseless? What if that once in a lifetime opportunity passes you by because you waited until tomorrow? What if tomorrow never comes?

We love to procrastinate and take the present time we have for granted. I’m as as guilty as the next person. But again I’ll remind you that we aren’t promised tomorrow. So why live today with hate, unwilling to forgive and restore broken relationships? Why live today without Christ as your Savior and the ruler of your heart? Why live today without giving your life completely to the Lord, surrendering everything?

Each day is a gift given from above. So today, love each other. Think before you say or do something hurtful that you will regret. Make that step towards forgiveness and let go of the hate in your heart. Don’t wait on someone else to make a move towards you, but you make that first move towards restoration. Surrender all to God and let Him be in control of your life. Accept Him as your Savior and trust in Him as you wait to enter His Kingdom. After all, tomorrow may be too late.