The Great I Am

Isn’t it amazing how you can read a verse or verses in scripture time and time again, and one day those same verses take on a whole new meaning? This is why we call scripture the Living Word. It is potent. It is pertinent. And it is always true.

I had heard and read several times the words in Exodus 3:14, “God said to Moses,’I AM WHO I AM'”. Nothing really struck me those times, nor did I really understand what God meant. But as scripture has a way of doing, the words jumped out at me when I heard them another time and I finally understood the meaning.

Moses had made up his mind to obey God and go to His people in Egypt. However, he was concerned that when he said the God of their fathers had sent him the Israelites would not know who this God was. So, he asked God what he was to tell them. God instructed Moses to tell them, “I AM has sent me to you”. I found it strange that God used that name to refer to himself instead of the names we often hear like your Heavenly Father, the Holy One, Almighty God, Sovereign King, Lord of All, etc. This is when God opened my eyes to understand what this name “I AM” truly means.

The name “I AM” encompasses all that God is. Every name that we call God is enveloped by the name “I AM”. I AM the Savior. I AM the Healer. I AM the Lord of All. I AM the Holy One. I AM Almighty God. I AM the Maker, the Creator of All. I AM the Sovereign King, Eternal King, King of Kings. I AM the Redeemer.

Whatever we need God is. When you are hurting and lonely God says, “I AM the Comforter”. When you are weak God says, “I AM your strength”. When you are afraid of the future God says “I AM the Sovereign King; I AM in control”. When you feel defeated God says, “I AM the Great Encourager”. When you are broken and can’t seem to pick the pieces God says, “I AM the Healer”. There is nothing He cannot provide. He is truly the Great I AM.





I can remember when I was younger thinking it was taking centuries for me to get old enough to drive. Then, it seemed like it took forever to get to senior year. Once I was there, the years flew by at 100 mph. I graduated high school and then college the next day it felt like. And life hasn’t slowed down since. If anything time seems to be going by faster and faster.

The past couple of days I’ve been thinking about time and it fleeting away. We all know that we aren’t promised tomorrow. God gives and God takes away. He may give us today but take us tomorrow. Only He knows when our time will come. We know this, yet we often don’t think about it in our daily decisions and dealings with others. We hold grudges and say things to each other intending to cause pain. We make decisions that separate us from family and friends. We harbor hate and resentment. We think, “I’ll change my ways when I get older” or “I’ll give my life to God when I get older”. ┬áBut what if you never get the chance to get older? What if a family member or friend dies and you never get to restore that relationship that was severed over something that now seems so senseless? What if that once in a lifetime opportunity passes you by because you waited until tomorrow? What if tomorrow never comes?

We love to procrastinate and take the present time we have for granted. I’m as as guilty as the next person. But again I’ll remind you that we aren’t promised tomorrow. So why live today with hate, unwilling to forgive and restore broken relationships? Why live today without Christ as your Savior and the ruler of your heart? Why live today without giving your life completely to the Lord, surrendering everything?

Each day is a gift given from above. So today, love each other. Think before you say or do something hurtful that you will regret. Make that step towards forgiveness and let go of the hate in your heart. Don’t wait on someone else to make a move towards you, but you make that first move towards restoration. Surrender all to God and let Him be in control of your life. Accept Him as your Savior and trust in Him as you wait to enter His Kingdom. After all, tomorrow may be too late.

Let’s Talk Numbers

In our society we put a lot of emphasis on numbers. Social security numbers are used to identify us. House numbers are used to locate our houses. Phone numbers are used to contact each other.

We use numbers to track things such as time and purchases. We use numbers to grade athletic and academic performance. And of course, numbers are the essence of money and finances. We place importance on numerical things like whether we have a 6 figure salary or 5 figure salary, how much is in our bank accounts, and how much what we have and do not have costs.

Numbers are great. I don’t know where we would be without the number system. I am not trying to criticize our society for the focus we put on numbers. Rather, I am challenging us today to put emphasis on the right numbers.

So let’s talk numbers. Seven, the number of days it took for God to create the heavens and the earth and all that dwells within them. Forty, the number of days and nights the Israelites wandered in the desert before entering the Promised Land. Twelve, the number of disciples that obeyed the call to follow Jesus. Seventy times seven, the number of times we are to forgive each other (although Jesus was really just using this large number to symbolize every time). Three, the number that makes up the Trinity- Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. One, one birth that brought hope to the whole world. One, one death that tore the veil and made a way for everyone to come before the Father. One, one resurrection that promises eternal life to those who claim Christ as their Savior. One, one King to reign forever.

And lastly two, the number of choices we have here on earth- accept Christ as our Lord and Savior and dwell forever with Him or reject Christ in our hearts and burn in eternal fire. Christ will come again to take those that belong to Him. Choose today to let Him into your heart. Choose today to focus on no other number but number 1, Jesus Christ our one and only Savior, Lord, and King.